Evelyn Lozada is clearing the air regarding her experience with ex-fiancé Carl Crawford after he was arrested for domestic violence earlier this year.

According to Ev, Carl never laid a hand on her.

via TMZ:

The reality TV personality — who was once engaged to Carl and has a son with him — spoke out in a personal video about insinuations she, too, was a victim of domestic violence during her time with Carl. She makes it very clear nothing like that ever happened between them.

We should note … Evelyn says she isn’t here to discredit the alleged victim or her truth — she actually advocates for DV victims, in general. Evelyn says she’s simply clarifying Carl never physically abused her and that, as far as her experience, what’s being described just isn’t the guy she knows.

She gets pretty emotional as she eventually gets to the issue of having to successfully co-parent, while also trying to clear up what’s being said about her son’s father.

TMZ broke the story … Carl’s been accused of attacking an ex of his, allegedly grabbing her by the throat at gunpoint — something his attorneys vehemently deny happened. Still, he was arrested for it, and now the process will play out in court.

Sounds like he’ll have at least one character witness if Evelyn is called to testify.

Watch her speak below.

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