A Milwaukee-area woman opened her crusty mough and spit at a young Black man who was participating in a Black Lives Matter protest.

Her spit came AFTER she tried blocking the protest with her car.

via TMZ:

The whole thing was captured on video this weekend out in Shorewood, WI — just outside of Milwaukee — and you can see this older lady was surrounded by younger folks who were there for the protest. Supposedly, she’d blocked their path with her vehicle.

In the clip, you hear a lot of people telling her to go back to her car and to get out of their way, but she refuses … defiantly standing her ground and arguing back with the group.

Then, the truly nasty moment … as one of the youngins approached to shout her down, the woman launched a wad of saliva at the dude. It clearly caught him by surprise and, rightfully, people were pissed.

Somehow, cooler heads prevailed … as a handful of people stepped in to block her off from getting tackled, or worse. The protesters showed incredible restraint, especially the young black man who got spit on.

BTW, things did not end here — apparently, the woman called the cops on herself because she was afraid for her safety, and later on they came to her house to figure out what happened.

According to Shorewood PD, this woman was arrested, in fact, and booked — although, for now, it’s not entirely clear for what exactly. We’re waiting to hear back on that. Anyway, there were protesters outside her home documenting her being taken away — it’s clear they were pleased with the end result.

Props to this young man, because that woman would’ve seen the absolute worst of us in that moment.

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