A Missouri cop is now under investigation after he rammed a suspect with his car.

The incident was captured on a neighborhood doorbell cam.

via TMZ:

The incredibly violent scene played out in Florissant, MO — just outside St. Louis — when the officer, in his car, pursued the suspect who was on foot. The Tuesday night chase came to an end though when the cop just drove right over the suspect.

The video, first posted by RealSTLMedia, shows the suspect somehow managing to get up and stumble for a few feet before the cop jumped on his back and appeared to be trying to put cuffs on him. The suspect was screaming out in pain and telling the cop he didn’t have anything on him.

The 20-year-old suspect was reportedly wanted for pending charges and ended up needing hospital treatment … but only for an ankle injury. Pretty miraculous.

Meanwhile, the Florissant PD officer’s been suspended while he’s investigated. The police chief, Timothy Fagan, said he’d seen the video for the first time on Saturday, and a special prosecutor’s been assigned to the case.

The still-unnamed cop is reportedly a 9-year veteran. The incident has also been kicked up to St. Louis County PD and the FBI for further investigation.

Watch the moment below. This cop should be fired.


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