“Ah the irony of a white woman profiting off a protest about black lives being exploited”

This is the cringe-worthy moment an Instagrammer was caught using a Black Lives Matter protest as a photo op.

Influencer Kris Shettsel and her photographer friend Mila Voyna joined a march to show solidarity against police brutality — long enough at least to get this “dope” shot.

Video circulating on social media, shot by an actual protester, show the duo sidling into the marching crowd, while the model poses with a Black Lives Matter sign.

Hair and make-up done to perfection, she rocks a killer midriff-baring dress with a thigh-high side split, all in black.

Her fabulous high-heeled black booties, while probably not the best choice for a long day’s march, looked stunning nonetheless.

“Oh no…. oh no,” the dismayed-sounding filmer can be heard saying. “Look at her. Uh-uh. This is bullshit.”

It wasn’t long before social media figured out which influencer she was, and let her know what they thought.

“I swear some people think the protest is Coachella or a rock concert,” one wrote on Reddit. “They go there to hang out and flex on social media.”

“Ah the irony of a white woman profitting off a protest about black lives being exploited,” another posted.

“I’m glad instagram exists. For too long pretty middle class white women went under appreciated. Glad they’re finally getting the attention they so rightly deserve…” a third joked.

“Black lingerie matters,” a fourth chimed in.

Some suggested she give the police Pepsi to quell the tension, which was not the first reminder this week of Kendall Jenner’s much-ridiculed 2017 ad.

Among her few defenders were those pointing out she may have been trying to raise awareness the best way she knew how, warning against another swift cancellation.

“She could be someone whose social media is normally filled with pictures posing like this and this is her attempt at bringing the message to her audience,” one wrote; but even they added: “It definitely isn’t the smart way to go about it.”

Amid the backlash, the Russian-born influencer deleted her Twitter account soon afterwards, as well as her Instagram account that boasted 214k followers.

Her YouTube channel however, which has more than 54,000 subscribers, is still live, as is her Facebook page.

On Friday it appeared Kris restarted a new Instagram account, posting: “this is a huge misunderstanding!!! Later I will explain everything an apologise!

Mila meanwhile wrote on her account: “I don’t understand why people are so aggressive when you’re on their side, and if you’re supporting! I believe that the union between humanity will never happen if we continue like this! Everyone reacts ugly before they understand what’s going on! Hopefully this changes! Love and peace!”

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