Carter, who is black, appears to be the only one apprehended.

A local TV news station captured disturbing footage of a protester being flattened by riot police — because they were interviewing him at the time.

Miles Carter was speaking to a reporter, clearly unarmed with his hands in the air, when he was charged and tackled to the ground by several police officers on Monday night.

The incident occurred in Buffalo, New York, near Decker St and Bailey Ave; armored police had been deployed throughout the city in an attempt to quell the protests that sprung up in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

But according to footage captured by WIBV News 4, there did not seem to be any violence that prompted the sudden charge by the police line.

“My name is Miles Carter, I live in the town of Tonawanda, I don’t live in the city of Buffalo,” he explained to the reporter, his back turned to the police formation several yards away. “My mosque is over on Genesee street….”

But this is as far as the interview gets. After watching everybody in front of him suddenly scatter, Carter just manages to turn around in time to see a phalanx of armed officers charging at him, swinging batons and with guns drawn, some with police dogs running with them.

He never reacts; two of the officers violently rugby tackle him to the ground while dozens more form up around him, as they close ranks once again.

Carter, who is black, appears to be the only one apprehended. The cameraman, who appears to be white, is allowed to swiftly retreat to the curb, filming the whole time.

The news channel also broadcast a second higher vantage point, showing the whole incident play out.

According to the newscaster, tear gas was also deployed at the scene.

TooFab has reached out to Buffalo PD to see if any charges were pressed.

Afterwards on Facebook, Carter assured his friends he was okay.

“Im ok. Love you guys!” he wrote. “We will get through this and we will be better.”

That same night and not far from where this incident took place, a officer and two state troopers were injured — one of them seriously — when an SUV rammed through a police blockade.

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