“I wish more mainstream outlets would cover it. They won’t. They don’t. But we know.”

Black protesters are taking the blame for white looters — and the media is not doing enough to highlight it.

So says Ava DuVernay, who accused news organizations of overlooking the white instigators behind much of the violence and riots that have gripped the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

The “When They See Us” director shared one such example on Twitter: a TikTok video showing a white man smashing up a glass storefront with a skateboard, until a black man takes the skateboard from him.

After being admonished, the white male is allowed to sheepishly slink away.

“I’m seeing this all across the country in video after video for a week,” Ava tweeted. “I wish more mainstream outlets would cover it. They won’t. They don’t. But we know.”

A local Ohio NBC affiliate weatherman, Jason Frazer, challenged her assertion, claiming his network, at least, was trying, even if the coverage had not been perfect. He posted an example.

But Ava fired back: “… the overall tone of national coverage lacks definitive reporting on the facts of the matter. Even the article you cite speaks of white instigation as accusation, not as fact. Be sick of that.”

Ava also tagged a fake @NYT account in her reply, which appeared to have asked for her email address; the account has since been suspended.

Meanwhile, Frazer got embroiled in an argument with several of Ava’s followers.

“I am just sick and tired of people lumping in the mainstream media as one big block,” he wrote. “We all have different audiences. Again, I am not saying the coverage has been perfect because it hasn’t. However, I was merely providing receipts for her accusations.”

“I will admit that some media organizations have missed the mark and I have let some of my colleagues know this. However, it’s a balance. Again, I am not saying we are perfect because we are not. All, Im saying is I thought Ava’s accusation was misleading.”

Her followers doubled down and insisted the coverage was not balanced; indeed one follower posted a thread of dozens and dozens of videos showing only or mostly white people instigating violence.

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