It’s not her first brush with the law; an oral sex selfie she shared as a teen was previously investigated as possible child porn.

A 22-year-old Michigan woman is facing up to ten years in prison on charges of inciting a riot.

Police in Grand Rapids claim Alexandria “Ally” Lyons recorded herself on Facebook Live looting, smashing property, and encouraging others to do the same.

Videos circulating on social media purport to show her showing off looted goods, some of which she reportedly later posted for sale on online.

As well as the riot charges, she was arraigned in Grand Rapids District Court on Tuesday for malicious destruction of property, a five-year felony.

A peaceful protest march against the death of George Floyd gave way to a violent riot in the city overnight, with as many as 100 businesses damaged or destroyed.

Lyons was not among the seven people initially arrested; however police tracked her down after receiving several reports that “Ally was responsible for causing and creating a lot of damage in the downtown area during this time,” MLive reported.

Police say they were sent social media video of Lyons kicking in a window.

“She is heard multiple times encouraging her friends and others to throw bricks or other objects at windows of multiple businesses downtown and at one point picks up a brick herself and mentions heading ‘back to the courthouse’,” her arrest affidavit states.

Police claimed she and her friends egged on others who were trying to break into an ATM, before helping themselves to jewelry in a smashed display case on the sidewalk.

She and her friends then posted more Facebook Live videos from a party at her home, flaunting clothes apparently stolen from F. David Barney Clothiers; the items were later recovered from her home by police.

Lyons was being held on $40,000 bond.

Followers on Twitter were quick to point out the irony of her retweeting on Thursday: “white people being anti-looting is soooooo laughable to me because historically everything y’all have, y’all stole.”

The 22-year-old old came to the attention of law enforcement before; a selfie of her performing oral sex in front of a group of other teens went viral in 2014, prompting police to investigate.

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